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Fabric Guide

A synthetic fiber with the luxurious feel of silk, acetate has some water resistance properties and dries extremely quickly. Even though it is not as delicate as its natural counterparts, acetate should still be handled with care and responds best to dry cleaning. Acetate fibers are hypoallergenic, so it is a great option for the sensitive shopper!
One wonders why there was such an uproar several years ago, when scientists in France cloned a sheep—with acrylic, textile manufacturers have been cloning wool for decades! This man-made version of wool has the same look as the original, but is much easier to care for, and can even be put in the washing machine! However, its warmth does not quite equal that of the original. Wear it all winter, but layer up!
Straight off the hanger, this fabric already has the lived-in feel of your favourite cotton tee, but without having to go through a dozen washings—it’s no wonder this is known as an eco-friendly fabric! Because it absorbs 3 to 4 times as much moisture as cotton, bamboo is a great option for cotton lovers with sensitive skin!
A favourite luxury fabric traditionally manufactured in Asia and the Middle East, cashmere offers its wearer the advantage of looking dressy while feeling as if they left home wrapped in their favourite blanket! Indulge in the softest variation of wool, just take good care of your cashmere by hand washing it or having it dry-cleaned.
There is a reason Yankee Candle Co. has a scent named for this fabric— cotton is the very definition of freshness and breathability! Comfy, versatile, and easy to care for, cotton will always be a preferred fabric of designers and consumers alike. Just be wary of shrinkage and remember to cold-water wash!
One of the world’s oldest fabrics, leather is durable despite its buttery soft feel. We all know that genuine leather is made from animal hide, and it should be treated with as much care as you treat your own skin. To keep your leather looking its best, find the right cleaner and conditioner!
Linen has the raw, fibrous look of a handmade sheet of paper, with the same delicate texture and soft feel. Don’t let the fact that this fabric is easily wrinkled deter you from embracing it into your wardrobe—comfortable and light, linen is the perfect fabric for the summer season!
While lycra never takes the lead it is great in a supporting role! Always paired with another fabric, lycra increases flexibility, allowing for a better fit and greater comfort and freedom of movement. Best of all it is durable, allowing clothes to keep their original shape through years of washing and wear. Remember, as with many good things, a little lycra goes a long way!
You’d never guess that this fabric is man-made from metal-like fibres—it’s too delicate! Add this fragile fabric to your wardrobe for a healthy dose of glamour and shine!
 Modal fabric is a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech tree pulp. Cotton’s cousin, modal is equally comfortable with the same natural feel. However, its greater water absorbency means that instead of shrinking, modal actually stretches over time. While still light and thin, modal is slightly warmer than cotton. So enjoy this cotton substitute, just remember it wears differently over time!
Also known as angora, after the goats whose hair it is woven from, mohair is as soft to the touch as cashmere, but with a fun, fuzzy texture. Flame-proof, stretchable and durable, don’t think twice about adding this fine wool fabric to your closet!
Imagine a rubber band—no matter how far you stretch it out, it always snaps back to its original shape. Nylon is equally flexible and resilient! A man-made fabric, nylon combines extreme elasticity with the look and feel of silk. Stock up on nylon leggings, dresses and skirts for going out!
Made entirely of synthetic fibres, polyester offers advantages that most natural fabrics do not, such as heightened wrinkle-resistance and durability. Second only to cotton in popularity, you probably already have plenty of polyester in your closet!
Polyurethane is a waterproof fabric that was created from a cotton-poly blend and is both extremely durable and lightweight. Great fabric choice for a cropped jacket for the beginning of the fall season.
Like nylon, rayon is another man-made, silk-like fabric. It won the moniker “imitation silk” because it is so similar in look and feel. Buying rayon is like splurging on salon highlights—no one has to know it’s not natural!
Who among us does not know and love silk? One of nature’s softest fabrics, silk has a lustrous sheen that instantly connotes luxury! Of course, we also all know how delicate silk is. Handle silk garments with care, and hand wash or dry clean them only.
You enjoy soy in the kitchen, why not enjoy it in your closet too? It’s good for you, and it looks good on! A functional, eco-friendly favourite, soy makes for a lightweight fabric with a silky-feel that has earned it the name “vegetable fabric.” Throw it on for a look that is both luxurious and environmentally friendly.
The favourite fabric for designers of swim sweats, athletic wear and tights, spandex/elastane combines smooth texture with stretchy breathability. The perfect combination of comfort and functionality! Unless care labels provide otherwise, hang spandex garments to dry, and avoid machine drying.
A lightweight, breathable fabric, that is surprisingly soft and drape-able when you consider it is made from wood pulp! Shrink-proof and wrinkle-resistant, Tencel is a versatile fabric that is easy to care for.
A more refined relative of rayon, viscose has the same silk-like look and feel, but it’s breathable like cotton! Since rayon wrinkles easily and is prone to shrinkage, be gentle with this fabric and always cold water wash.
Warm and cozy—wool is the ultimate winter fabric! Although it is known for having a coarse, sometimes itchy texture, wool in the right blend and weight is the perfect material for crafting everything from jackets and sweaters to capes and even blankets!
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Fit Guide


Next to skin
Just as it sounds, this fit is skin tight. There will be minimal extra fabric as this fit will hug your body for a next to skin fit.
A close fitting, tailored fit that mirrors your body’s silhouette, but still allows for a base layer and lighter midlayer to be worn underneath.
What some might call a normal fit, regular-fitting garments are not too tight or too baggy, and can be worn over warmer mid-layer pieces with ease.
This looser fit offers plenty of room for ease of mobility, comfort, and layering.
A roomy fit with more length and volume than our relaxed fit. Meant to feel loose and less-structured.